The whole package.

It is important that students interested in becoming a sportscaster are very knowledgeable about everything going on in the sporting world.  They should be up to date on the latest trades, sporting events, player news and much, much more. becoming a good sports talk host. Preparation is key to success. You must know everything about your topic before you appear in front of a large audience. No good professional sports broadcaster, will ever go into a show with out being prepared, and doing there fair share of research. Students should follow national sportscasters, read their bios, see what they are involved in, understand how they achieved their goals and seek their advice.  This job is only going to work out for you, if you are willing to go above and beyond the normal effort that goes in to a job. This profession is so unique, and so different then others out there, you have to be ready to give it you’re all. Following local media outlets can provide budding sportscasters with sporting news within their community, and allow for them to possible learn from the current  broadcasters working their. 

Huffman, D. (2010, September 15). The OICB Radio & TV Career Tips Blog. 6 Tips from ESPN on A Career in Sports Broadcasting. Retrieved February 28, 2014, from



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