Networking and why you need it

Networking plays a large  part in  sports broadcasting. Knowing play by play announces, or maybe emailing a known  sports radio host, can be great people to learn from. Make sure you know everything about sports, before you even begin to adventure into it. It also comes down to who you know You never know, which one of these connections will be the ticket to  your glorious career. Prior to getting a job in this field of work, try to get a relationship formed with other professionals in the business. Using social media to contact them, such as twitter or fb are great ways to get in touch with them. LinkedIn is a phenomenal way to sell yourself and get your name out there. In this profession you must be aggressive. Do everything and anything you can to get your name out there. There more people that you can contact the better. You never know who might be looking for a bright new sports broadcaster coming  out of college. A big portion of this job, is who you know. Jobs in this profession are extremely coveted, and many people will be fighting over maybe 1 or 2 job positions. “Employers prefer to interview candidates referred by someone that they know and trust. Things like work ethic, personality, and cultural fit are hard to determine from a résumé, but a referral from someone in your network can ease the mind of employers.”(Paradise,2014,P.1). Find a way to make yourself stand out, be different. Maybe you have been in contact with one of the anchors on the show, and he gives you a good word in with the manager. One important thing you must know in all of this, is that you must must must stay in touch with as many people as you can, even if you believe that you have found a solid job. You never know if a better opportunity will arise; and there is always the chance of you being fired as well. 

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