From the mouths of the experts

“Just like I was told it wouldn’t hurt to learn Arabic if I wanted to work in news – it wouldn’t hurt to learn soccer and lacrosse if you want to become a sports broadcaster” – John Strong (left) .(Strong,2008,p.1)john-strong-mls-timbers-300x169

I think this quote fits perfectly, when it comes to the world of sports broadcasting. You have to know  such a variety of different sports, and knowing the inns and outs of every sport, even the less powerful ones is  keen to success.” I loved all sports, but soccer was my passion. It just happened to work out that there was far less competition for spots in soccer, and that’s something for a young person to think about: there are tens of thousands of other guys who’d die to do NFL games. Probably far fewer in other sports.” (Wilde,2013,p.3)Try to find  sports that aren’t as popular. At the beginning of your career, all you are looking for is a start. If that means working lacrosse and water polo games, then 100% go for it. A high GPA, a nice cover letter and resume, but in this industry that doesn’t nearly matter, as much as, a reel does. Being able to display your talents and show the employer what you are capable of is key.


Clapp, B. (2013, November 25). Becoming a Sports Broadcaster: Advice from a Professional. Retrieved April 29, 2014, from



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