What are the best colleges for broadcasting

You are starting your senior year of high school. You have a strong G.P.A ,good test scores.  You think you want to be a sports broadcaster. You think to yourself, where the hell do I start. The answer is education.  Finding the right school, with a strong journalism program, is essential.  It must have digital journalism, and in some way align with quality campus media, and professional publishing opportunities. Schools such as the University of Kansas, American University, Columbia University  are just a few of the top journalism programs in the country. All of these schools offer so many wonderful opportunities in the broadcasting field, and are the stepping stones to a successful career in broadcasting .  To find the right college for you  click here.

Reimold, D. (2012, December 4). 50 Best Journalism Schools and Programs at U.S. Colleges and Universities [Updated for 2013]. Retrieved April 12, 2014, from http://www.collegemediamatters.com/2012/12/04/50-best-journalism-schools-and-programs-at-u-s-colleges-and-universities-updated-for-2013/



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