Extra Curricualrs

Extra-curricular activities that students can participate in, to help them get into the broadcasting world, include, radio, television or newspaper reporting.  Utilizing these areas of interest can be an important tool for students to learn about the different mediums available to them and what interests them the most.  Since I am a student at the University of Kansas, I will utilize information from my school as a means for students looking at other schools to replicate in order for them to find the best school for them. Currently, I am apart of two organizations on campus, that have directed me towards  gaining the experience needed, to break into the broadcasting scene. I  write for a paper  called  the Daily Kansan. It is a newspaper filled with tons of articles about the University, and  in it has several articles pertaining to sports. Writing about sports, and doing research for your writing, is a great way to get informed about the sports world. “You may not like every organization that you consider, so keep an open mind! Go outside of your comfort zone when looking for groups to join; oftentimes these are the most rewarding experiences. “(Frost,2011,p.2)

Extracurricular Activities

Frost, S. (2010, November 1). Importance of Extracurricular Activities in a Student’s Life. Retrieved May 4, 2014, from http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/importance-extracurricular-activities-students-life-35375.html



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