Internships are key

Internship opportunities that are available to sports broadcasting students, are  key to  a  students work and learning ability  in this field before one graduates.  In fact, the value of these opportunities are so high, that unpaid internships need to be seriously considered as well.  There are many television and radio stations throughout the United States that  are looking for interns; all of this  helps connect students with these opportunities so they can begin networking and make pertinent connections.  In addition, it is important that students who want this career be aware of the different job markets and opportunities that each bring.  Is it better to work in a small market or a big market? What kind of salary can I expect to earn?  What will my responsibilities be?  Will this job lead me to my goal?  There are so many questions that students have as they get closer to graduation.  Doing heavy research and investigating  about the  myriad  of different internships, is the key to finding the correct one for you. All it takes is one good internship, to set you up a for a job for the rest of your life. “Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships on their résumé have a much better chance at landing a full-time position upon graduation”(Hering,2010,p.1).Make sure that the University that you choose has a strong  journalism department, which can provide these amazing internship opportunities.Besides getting a foot in the door with a potential employer and looking good on a resume,  internships have other advantages . Such as the opportunity to try out your  potential career. Would I be happier in marketing or advertising. Am I more comfortable working with patients or in a lab? Chances to network,establishing relationships with mentors,gaining college credit. These are just a few off the top of my head. There is not really any disadvantage to a internship. Below I have  given you a graph, detailing the  differences in  students who  got jobs, after having been involved in some kind of internship.

Importance of Internships

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