The business part of Sports broadcasting

It is important that students who want this career be aware of the different salaries and responsibilities that exist .What kind of salary can I expect to earn?  What will my responsibilities be?  Will this job lead me to my goal?  There are so many questions that students have as they get closer to graduation.  Most need these questions answered before they begin the job search an it  will be invaluable to them.The average annual salary for a sports broadcaster was $59,000 as of 2013, according to the job website Simply Hired. The pay is adequate, and you can live a nice and comfortable life style. The broadcasting industry is made up of several different departments. These departments include everything from writing, to  on-air anchoring. However, sports broadcasting is generally associated with reporting, commentary and analysis, often in an on-air or writing role. Sportscasters are frequently asked to research and select their content, write articles or scripts, and present their information on the air.“There are two types of people I come across in this profession. The first type is the person who views this job as a genuine craft or vocation. It’s a unique job with a specific skill set. That skill set needs to be observed, honed, practiced, studied and refined. It’s a profession, a craft and should be treated as such; with the proper amount of focus, preparation and dedication to detail.”(Berthiaume,2012,p.2 ) These are just some  of a sports broadcasters responsibilities, and as you can see there is a lot that goes into this job.  Hopefully, at the  end of  the day, through  your job, you will achieve your  career goals.  

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