The job

Jobs do not fall out of the sky. Being well-spoken and confident are key to impressing employers.   Jobs in sports broadcasting are only on the rise. When you think of sports broadcasting, the first thing that probably comes to your mind, is ESPN. It is is by far the most popular sports network, and is filled with former athletes and seasoned broadcaster veterans. However, there are an enormous amount of other broadcasting stations. For example, the Pac-12 Network was recently launched and NBC is expanding to a Sports Network. There are also many  college networks that are out there. Such as the longhorn network, The sec football network, and thousands of local high school networks. There are opportunities out there, and starting small and working your way up, is the best way to go. “You have to find your role and make sure that it not only helps our team and helps the people around you and your teammates, but find a way to make it take a step in your career too,” Wilde said. “Look it doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help you to go plug my meter or to go get me coffee. Take every opportunity you can to learn something.  Soak in and be a sponge on every single opportunity and then once you kind of find your path and realize what you want to do whether it’s marketing, writing, radio, production then pursue that and find what you’re passionate about here and make that your own.”(Wilde,2009,p.1).

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