Large company Vs. Small company

I am going to list for you the advantages and disadvantages of each company. Deciding what style of company is best for you, can make or break your career.

Large company- Advantages.

  • Exposure to lots of experienced people
  • Expectation of higher salary, at least initially
  • Potentially the ability to be less visible, since you are among many others, allowing you to possibly try different things.
  • The expectation of job security.

Small company – Advantages

  • Potentially more responsibility right away
  • less structure and more relaxed atmosphere
  • Less competition
  • More flexibility to do what you want

Large company – Disadvantages

  •  More eyes on you, means more people criticizing you, and your work
  • More competition, making it more difficult to advance within the company
  • More structured environment, which means more rules and structure

Small company- Disadvantages

  • Less money available for pay and other resources
  • Less potential opportunities to learn from others
  • Greater risk that company could fail


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